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Resident living near proposed South Kilkenny windfarm site says councillor’s recent decisions don’t go far enough

While one representative believes renewable energy developments should be state-owned

A South Kilkenny resident opposed to Coilte plans for a nearby wind farm says moves by councillors to limit the scale of developments in the county doesn’t go far enough.

The local representatives earlier this week voted to change the recommended land zoning in the City and County Draft Development Plan, which would only allow a maximum of five turbines in the project in Castlebanny, instead of the 21 originally proposed.

Breda Deasy lives near the site and she says she doesn’t want any windfarm allowed there.

While Cllr Patrick O’Neill says renewable energy developments should be state-owned and nationally driven instead of leaving it up to private companies.

Listen back to their conversation with our Sue Nunn on last evening’s The Way It is here: