The Bottom Line Tuesday Oct 17 2012

Exports, Enda Kenny selling Ireland abroad, an insight into the rust belt of the United States, a new start your own business competition launching in South Kilkenny and a practical insight into what to do if you can’t afford to pay your tax return as well as a run through some interesting local news – all on the menu this week on the Bottom Line.

First off the Irish Independents Tom Molloy who is just back from a trip to the United States told us of his impressions of Taoiseach Enda Kenny as he travelled through the US promoting investment in Ireland. The return of the IMF to “town” as well as some interesting speeches from senior figures in the financial establishment also came in for mention from Tom who is always independently minded and insightful.

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Accountant and tax specialist Alan Seery joined us in studio to address the issue which is sadly facing more and more businesses. The challenge of paying the tax that they owe the Revenue Commissioners because cash is simply not there due to a variety of factors such as cashflow; bad debts or lack of credit which used to be there in the past but which has dried up.

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Eddie Blackmore from the Piltown Enterprise Centre joined us in studio to tell us about a new “Start Your Own Business” competition which has just been launched. It’s a great initiative from the community in Piltown and Eddie told us why and how they made the idea a reality.

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And for more see www.piltown.ie


Despite the difficulties in many parts of the economy, exporting is booming with August figures showing a record breaking performance by Irish companies. Enda McDonnell from Enterprise Ireland joined us in studio to talk about the work of Enterprise Ireland in helping companies grow their export activities and to tell us about an event that EI is holding in Kilkenny.

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Further details here: http://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/


And of course Edwina Grace joined us in studio to round up all the weeks business news.  Top of the pile – the great news about Kilkenny’s performance in the recent Retail Excellence Ireland awards for the 100 best Towns and Cities in the Country.