The Farm Show

The Glanbia Farm Show – Sponsored by – 8/10/2020

This week’s Glanbia Farm Show included an interview with Minister of State Malcolm Noonan, TD. He outlined the content and purpose of the new Climate Change Bill and the critical role farmers have to play in future environmental improvements.

Tom Hogan, IFA Pig Committee chairman, told the Farm Show that the pig sector continues to be volatile and that issues such as Brexit and Covid are causing market disruption.

Terry Carroll of Teagasc advised cattle farmers to plan their winter feed programmes. He also reminded listeners that the closing date for slurry spreading is the 14th October.

Eric Driver of Tullow Mart gave an update on livestock prices.

George Candler, auctioneer at Cillin Hill confirmed that cattle numbers at Thursday’s sale were very high with good prices for top class stock.

Here’s the full interview with Tom Hogan: