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The History Show S02E02: Kilkenny in 1923 Part One, Tullahought’s Famine Memorial, Kilkenny’s Historic Streetscapes Tour

On this edition of the History Show, retired Commandant at James Stephens Barracks Larry Scallan, recounted the guided tour of Kilkenny that he gave as part of Heritage Week 2023, telling the story of Kilkenny 100 years ago.

Local historian Eoin Swithin Walsh gave an in-depth guide through the calendar year of 1923 – as the Irish Civil War came to its conclusion, what was happening nationally, and locally in Kilkenny?

Finally, Richard Walsh, the Secretary of Tullahought Community Development, told listeners about the famine memorial that was recently unveiled in the village, as well as taking a look at the effect that the famine had across county Kilkenny.

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