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The Way It Is with Sue Nunn Friday 9th April 2021


The Way It Is;

On Friday’s Show,

We meet Pasquinna Soida and Jennifer Arroyo who are young members of the Sudanese community in Kilkenny. They are all third level students all coping like everyone with pandemic times,

Professor Linda Hogan in the running to become the First Woman Provost of Trinity College Dublin,

Kilkenny respiratory consultant John Faul talks about Vitamin D and fellow Kilkenny born respiratory doctor Martin Tobin whose testimony at the George Floyd trial yesterday has gone viral,

Cllr Mick McCarthy tells us about Dr Martin Tobin as well,

Eddie Scally looks forward to tomorrow’s English Grand National and the local connections,

And Pat O Neill and Sean Butler looks back at the North, the death of Prince Philip, and much more