They were inspirational today too!

We got off to a great start this morning with our newspaper reviewer Dr Tadgh Crowley, team doctor to the All Ireland Champions. He had lots of facinating perspectives on the build up to the All Ireland, the extraordinary courage and skill of the hurlers, the drug testing  post match and how strongly he feels about the need for proper primary care in Ireland. He is a great guy, a Kerryman looking after the hurlers.

There was lots too about the Homecoming, should tradition have been broken, the stage been bigger,the stage been closer to the stands, the hurlers done a round of the pitch, Phil Hogan been booed? Well it was all rapidly put into perspective when Caroline came on air to tell us about her son, four year old Edward. Edward has autism and a lot of other medical problems. Caroline told us about his fourth birthday, the day of All Ireland hurling final number one, on September 9th. He had to go to St Lukes hospital to have a feeding tube inserted…there he met Henry Shefflin’s nurse….listen back on the “highlights” section of this page.

Then there were the inspiration brothers. Paul gave his kidney to his brother Colin that he might live an ordinary life.

Lives not ordinary on the show this morning.

We look forward now to Liam touring the clubs of the county.