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Travel Talk on KCLR Breakfast (Friday, 14th May 2021)

Tom Britton joins our John Walsh every Friday after 9am to talk travel

When it comes to travel advice, there is no one we trust more at KCLR than Marble City Travel’s Tom Britton but this week’s advice was a little unusual.

“Be like a drone and hover over the news headlines”

Tom explains that while the goal posts keep changing and the rules about travel can change depending on which politician you’re listening to, there is some good news in the pipeline.

Should you be worrying about change fees for the holiday you’ve booked this year, what can you expect and how much is rebooking your holiday going to set you back? You could be penalised for making that decision.

It’s not all doom and gloom, with a brand new winter destination opening up for Irish passengers this year with a one stop service to Hawaii via Canada. Aloha!!

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