Walk-in vaccination clinic open at Woodford Dolmen Hotel for healthcare workers until 12.30pm today

There's no walk in service in Kilkenny today

Walk-in vaccination clinics are beginning to open this weekend for over 60s and healthcare workers.

However the services in Carlow and Kilkenny are only offering jabs to healthcare workers for now.

Healthcare workers can get a booster at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel in Carlow between 9 and 12.30pm today, Sunday.

There’s no walk in service in Kilkenny today, but again healthcare workers only can show up on Tuesday and Thursday of next week at Cillin Hill from 1.40 to 4pm each day.

Over sixties can arrange an appointment with their local pharmacist for a booster jab now.

NIAC and the Health Minister have now approved boosters for everyone over 16 but it’s likely to be well into the new year before most are offered a third dose.