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Warning for local fishermen as crayfish plague confirmed in River Suir

Fishermen, anglers and anyone else who uses the River Suir are being asked to be extra cautious after a confirmed outbreak of crayfish plague.

In recent weeks a large number of the freshwater fish were found dead in the river, which locally runs through South Kilkenny.

The Head of Science at the National Parks and Wildlife Service has told KCLR News that the white-clawed crayfish is a protected species and this disease has the potential to wipe them out.

Ciarán O’Keeffe says has this advice for those who use the river:

“If you’ve been fishing in an infected river like the Suir, we’d ask you not to take that gear to another river. If you do have to go, then whatever kit you’re using, make sure you’ve cleaned it, checked it carefully that there’s no damp bits anywhere including inside the boat for example.

“If you’re a fisherman and you have keep nets, make sure that they’ve been completely cleaned out, preferably with hot water. So that’s 40 degrees, hot on your hands, and let them dry for two days.”