Tech Talk #7: Walsh Whiskey Virtual Reality, Ransomware and more
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Tech Talk #7: Virtual reality whiskey tours, Ransomware and more

Tech Talk on KCLR with Blacknight Solutions
Tech Talk on KCLR with Blacknight Solutions

Alan O’Reilly joins Ken on KCLR Drive for the latest in technology including a look at Walsh Whiskey’s new VR installation in Dublin Airport.

On Thursday 13 July, Alan O’Reilly of Blacknight Solutions joined me on KCLR Drive to chat the latest in technology. This week we’re looking at a new virtual reality installation with Walsh Whiskey in Dublin Airport, the latest in the scary world of ransomware and more changes at Snapchat for users and advertisers alike.

With a gap week last week, we’ll be right back in the thick of it this coming Thursday 20 July for another round of tech chats.

To keep up with Blacknight, their offerings and more in technology, check out or the Blacknight Blog.

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