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12 new social homes approved for Carlow

Local TD Jennifer Murnane O'Connor says "It is important that we build, and build and build as many houses as we can"

12 new social homes have been approved Carlow.

The Department of Housing has given approval in principle for ten new turnkey social homes at The Millrace, Burrin Road, Carlow.

With two more getting the go-ahead at Haymarket.

Local Fianna Fáil TD Jennifer Murnane O’Connor has been telling KCLR; “So we got approval for ten and they’re down The Millrace, Burrin Road, now these ten houses will actually be in a stand-alone estate, so there won’t be any other houses with it, and there’s six two-bed and four three-rooms, which is really important, look I know we have more to do but we have a lot more projects coming on stream”.

As of the others, Deputy Murnane O’Connor says; “They’re one-bedroom and a two-bedroom at Haymarket Carlow so they’re actually trying to go back and create footfall on the town, on the streets and this is in the centre of the town, that’s a derelict building there now that we’ve got funding for”.

And she adds; “Every one of them will go to council tenants, they’re council owned, it’s the council are doing these themselves now which is so important and that’s what the Government are promoting now, local authorities need to get more housing stock themselves and we’re looking at that, but look every house is important now, weather it’s through an AHB or whatever agency it comes to but it is important that we build, and build and build as many houses as we can”.