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200 restaurants sign up to Dining Week with the call for more in Carlow, Kilkenny and across the country to get involved

It sees a 25% discount offered for certain off-peak bookings

Restaurants in Carlow, Kilkenny and across the country have the chance to fill some of their empty tables this week, thanks to a new booking platform.

Over 200, including Paris Texas and The Grapevine locally, have already signed up to “Dining Week”, which offers customers a 25% discount for off-peak bookings. (Details here).

The week-long incentive was launched by Digibreaks to give the hospitality sector a boost after the pandemic.

Digibreaks’s Teresa Carroll says they’ve had a great response so far “Yeah, so so far we have just over 200 restaurants so we’re absolutely delighted with that, it’s a nationwide event so they’re all spread all over the country, so we’re calling on restaurants to join, we work in conjunction with Fáilte Ireland and the Restaurants Association of Ireland, it’s free to join, there’s no commission fees, there’s no charges to restaurants to join, we do all the work”.