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52 pubs across Carlow and Kilkenny have closed since 2005

12 of them shut their doors between 2019 and 2021

The number of pubs in Ireland has declined by more than a fifth since 2005 with falls reported in every county.

That represents a closure of 1,829 pubs, with almost 350 closed during the pandemic.

A report from the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland shows 11 (10%) fewer in Carlow and 41 less (18 %) in Kilkenny.

In 2005 there were 106 pubs in Carlow, which dropped to 97 in 2019 with two less in 2020 – none were lost in 2021.

Kilkenny started out with 226 16 years ago, down to 195 in 2019 with another four lost by 2020 and six more gone by 2021.

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