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Agriculture Minister to meet farmers across Kilkenny and Carlow today

Minister Charlie McConalogue is due at Tullow and Kilkenny marts to talk CAP

Farmers need a very clear message from the Agriculture Minister when he visits today.

That’s the call from the sector locally as Minister Charlie McConalogue brings his CAP Consultation to Kilkenny and Carlow today.

He is due at Tullow mart from 4pm.

Tullow Mart

Manager there, Eric Driver, says those in the sector are confused and the common agricultural policy is an integral part of farm business:

“We have to come to terms with what it is, and Greening is going to be part of the new CAP programme and that’s something we have to accept and endorse to a point. But the point also has to be made to the Minister that we are producing quality safe, trusted food for the European Market. And he has to report back to us now as the farmers, the caretakers of this green island as we know it, that it’s going to enhance our business and we will have a future in the business of farming”

The Minister is due later at Kilkenny mart today. He will meet with local farmers there from 7pm.