An Irish Raffle and whats going on a “Amber” Kilkenny Women’s Refuge?

Great crack this morning with a tweet that started this morning with Sinead in the newsroom. She was talking about what people might be saying at a typical Irish raffle- that institution very much part of what we are! She came up with “its a salmon ticket” and it went from there- we started a # called #anirishraffle on @thesuenunnshow. Have a look and maybe you can add some more?

On a serious note though as you may have heard strike action is threatened at “Amber” The Kilkenny Women’s Refuge by its SIPTU workforce. Its about threatened redundancies. Try as we might, apart from the SIPTU rep, we could raise no one from the Refuge management, its board of seven, the HSE or the County Council.  Amber has its seems no presence on the web.  Income for the Refuge is projected at 536,272 for 2012 while expenditure is expected to be 641,240. Of that money [over a half a million from the public purse-HSE and Kilkenny County Council], 545,880 is set aside for salaries at the Refuge- more than the entire income for 2012!

More on this on The Sue Nunn Show on Monday.