Beano is home from Poznan!

Beano is home from Poznan!

From Beano’s  e-mail today!

“after 19 days, about 7000kms and and the longing for a
proper “cup a tay” we’ve landed back in Graig. What an adventure we had
and leave it so for the everlasting memories that we took home with us. I
want to really really really thank you all in KCLR for following us on
the trip, thanks so much to everyone that listened to us and that
followed us on Facebook. Is this the end….nope!! In the next few weeks
i’m gonna be checking out Route 66 across the States for around this time
next year, so maybe we can do the same thing again:-) If there’s anything
I can do for you all in there, well i’d be delighted. Back to the real
world for now:-)
Thanks again, all the best,