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Bridge between Carlow and Kilkenny ‘an accident waiting to happen’ according to one local councillor

The issue came up at yesterday's Callan Thomastown municipal district meeting

A bridge linking Carlow and Kilkenny has been dubbed “an accident waiting to happen” by concerned councillors.

The George Semple ties Graignamanagh to Tinnahinch and at yesterday’s meeting of the Callan Thomastown municipal district fears were raised on how the two and a half-century-old structure will handle increased traffic with the two local county councils aiming to revolutionise their joint area.

Cllr Peter ‘Chap’ Cleere says something needs to be done urgently, telling KCLR News “At the moment between Graignamanagh and Tinnahinch there’s only the one crossing, it’s the George Semple Bridge which is over 250 years old but it is the only crossing for pedestrians, vehicles and everybody and it’s an absolute accident waiting to happen at the moment, Graignamanagh’s such a popular tourism town with people using the Barrow line and in recent times Solaire Wood and Brandon Hill and that is the only crossing point at the moment and it’s incredibly dangerous”.

Cllr Cleere adds “I know consultants have been appointed and they’ve looked at various options and we’re trying to fast-track those options to get a solution for the people so they can have safe access over the bridge in Graignamanagh for the benefit of all locals and tourists that use the area”.

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