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Carlow and Kilkenny wake up to temperatures of minus five and lower in parts

Lowest in the country was minus eight

Local temperatures are still at minus five or even lower in parts of Carlow and Kilkenny this morning.

Some parts of the country saw minus eight overnight and an orange Met Eireann warning is in effect until midday with another due to kick in at six this evening until noon tomorrow.

Director of Services at Carlow County Council Padraig O’Gorman says we should try and cut down of how many road journeys we make over the next 24-hours or so.

Hear his conversation with our Sue Nunn on last evening here:

Niall Dollard of Kilkenny Weather’s been outlining what we might expect:

Meanwhile, the current cold spell’s resulted in record levels of demand for electricity according to Eirgrid.

The Irish Daily Mirror reports that the national power grid operator reports evenings remain the busiest for electricity usage.

It’s estimated motorists are using 20% worth of their power to boil three kettles full of water each morning to clear their windscreens.

However, AA Ireland is reminding people to avoid boiling water, as it can cause windscreens to crack.