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Carlow farmer summoned to court for medical expenses by burglar

A Carlow farmer has described how he was summoned to court after a burglary on his farm in 2013.

Tom Doran was contacted by a neighbour in February of that year who told him his farm was being robbed but when he rang the Gardai he was told they wouldnt get there for an hour and a half.

His neighbour who had a shotgun instead went out to try and deter the burglars and discharged two shots when the culprits turned abusive and drove a van in the direction of Toms wife.

One shot grazed the shoulder of one of the burglars who subsequently put in a claim for medical expenses.

However Tom told KCLR Live this morning he didn’t have to pay out but it has cost him in any case:

“I didn’t have to compensate, not as of yet. Hopefully we’ve got closure on it because it’s gone so far out now. It was ongoing up to recently.

“It cost me a good bit of money because I spent a lot of time on the roads between court cases and visiting solicitors and I helped my neighbour to look for legal aid, which was difficult to get.

“Whereas they [the burglar] got it no bother. They were working on legal aid the whole time and my neighbour needed legal aid and he wasn’t able to get it.”