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Carlow Kilkenny Labour Party expresses ‘disappointment’ in Cllr Denis Hynes’ decision

Members are aiming to win back a seat for the party in the next election

Labour locally’s expressing disappointment in the decision taken by a sitting Kilkenny Councillor to leave the party.

Denis Hynes this morning revealed on KCLR that he’s instead joined Sinn Féin (read that and listen back here).

In a statement to KCLR News this lunchtime, the Carlow Kilkenny branch of the Labour Party outlined that it will now work to ensure it wins back the seat it held in the Castlecomer Electoral Area for generations in the next local elections, and that Cllr Maurice Shortall worked so hard to ensure was retained in 2019″.

Constituency Chairperson, Seán Ó hArgáin, said; “Cllr Hynes joined the Labour Party in recent years and was accepted by Labour members, not only as a candidate for the local elections but also in the last General Election. He received the active support of the membership, who canvassed on his behalf. He also received considerable support from our TD’s and Senators in dealing with issues at national level.

“In particular, he received huge support from long-standing councillor Maurice Shortall, without which he would not have won the seat that the Labour Party has held for generations.

“Our party will commit ourselves to winning back that seat at the next local elections and to continue to represent the people of the North Kilkenny area as we have done since the foundation of our state.

“The Labour Party has a long and proud history of working for the people of Kilkenny, shaping our community to be a better, kinder, fairer place. We will continue to work to deliver the real change that people need in health, housing and care, rooted in dignity and respect for all in society.”