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Ceol Anocht: Interview : Karan Casey : 30/7/2021

Kilkenny Arts Festival : 2021

I’ve spoken with Karan Casey on a few programmes over the years and she’s been a regular visitor to Kilkenny during her career. She is a highly regarded musician, song collector and performer and someone who imbues the tradition with her own personality without imposing on the story. She’s also an artist and has embarked on a number of side projects, one of which has brought her back to Kilkenny, time for the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

It’s a very different performance experience, entitled : “I Walked Into My Head”, this a deeply personal artistic exploration, but, in a twist to her distinguished approach to the telling of stories of other people, the main focus is, as the title suggests, in to her life and experiences.

It promises to be a unique experience.

Karan was in the middle of rehearsals for the show but took time (and coffee, thanks!) to sit down with me to discuss the ideas at work, and how it fits in to her artistic journey.┬áTime flew by all too quickly, but I think you’ll get a very clear sense of her approach and how it fits in to her own artistic vision.

Tickets may be in short supply!! All details from the Kilkenny Arts Festival website

Thanks to Olga Barry, KAF Director for putting us in touch and to Aisling O’Brien of AOB Arts Management for arranging the interview within what are final rehearsals and to the staff of the Kilkenny Inn for their hospitality!

(Photo: Ruth Medjber @ruthlessimagery)

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