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Committee behind South Kilkenny War of Independence memorial site ask for the council to take it over

The committee behind an Irish War of Independence memorial in Kilkenny are calling on the council to take over its maintenance.

Sinnott’s Cross Monument was officially unveiled in 2016 and marks the spot near Mooncoin where an ambush of Black and Tans took place on the 18th of June 1921.

It was erected to remember all those involved as well as those in the wider community who had any part in the war.

The voluntary committee responsible for building the monument and parking area say they want it to be fully in the ownership of the people of Kilkenny.

They also say the cost of maintaining the site is beginning to grow – insurance is now over €300 annually, while they have to pay €200 to the county council for the signs they have directing visitors to the area.

Have a listen to committee member, Eoin Swithin Walsh, who has been explaining the importance of the monument to MaryAnn Vaughan: