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Contractor appointed for multi million euro upgrade at Kilkenny water treatment plant

A significant step forward has been made in improving the security of the water supply for Kilkenny city and its environs.

Irish Water has announced that Glan Agua has been awarded the contract for the Kilkenny Regional Water Supply Scheme which will see a 30 million euro investment at the Troyswood treatment plant.

28 thousand people are served by the scheme.

The upgrade works are expected to take around two and half years to complete and will include a new 3 km watermain from Troyswood to the Radestown site to connect to the existing service reservoirs and enable the Radestown plant to be decommissioned.

Se├ín Twohig of Irish Water told KCLR that there shouldn’t be any disruption to service while the upgrade works are taking place:

“The work can be done while the plants are still in supply and in service. So it will be planned and managed in that sense to have little or no disruption on it”.