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Disgustingly Sexist: Kristen Stewart on Hollywood

Kristen Stewart claims women have to work harder in Hollywood because she says the industry is “disgustingly sexist”.

The Twilight star also told Harper’s Bazaar magazine she doesn’t enjoy fame – saying it “is the worst thing in the world.”

‘Having that much human energy thrust at you and then being critically analysed is obviously disarming,’ she says now, hunched over her coffee. ‘Control issues make me so nervous. It’s not knowing what’s going to happen. So what people were seeing was what happens when you are terrified. My palms sweat, my knees shake, I don’t think I can stand in my heels, I’m breathing heavily, I feel nauseous. I’ll be so nervous and then my body creates something to calm me down and I get so tired I’ll just…’ and she slumps over the table.” (Read full interview here)

The actress plays a personal assistant to a big film star in her new drama – The Clouds Of Sils Maria, opposite Juliette Binoche.

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