Approaching middle age, café owner Liam Egan realises he has won every talent competition, pub quiz and novelty race on Trafadden Island, a holiday destination off the Waterford coast. Liam wonders if it’s time to set his sights higher. Moreover, he is nostalgic for his teenage years spent in a local boy band, and his close friendship with their lead-singer Martin O’Rourke, now a famous songwriter living in Dublin. A picture of Martin in the celebrity pages prompts Liam to go for Eurovision glory and he hires a former Eurovision winner, Banba, to come to Trafadden Island to coach him in this endeavour. However, Banba is rather fond of Trafadden whiskey and what’s more, is having an affair with Liam’s old friend Martin – a fact which raises an uncomfortable truth for Liam. In five short episodes, ‘The Daffodil’ features music and comedy but also explores more serious theme of denial.

Written by Sue Healy and Directed by Jim Nolan and made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television license fee