Be Not Afraid Episode 5: Angela Stuart

Be Not Afraid is a six-part series which shows another side to the popular TV3 chef Edward Hayden.

Edward, who presents The Saturday Show with Edward Hayden on KCLR, sits down with six local people to hear their true-life series.

The programme aired weekly from Saturday, January 21 2017 between 9 and 10am.

Angela Stuart is a remarkable woman who has survived three terrible tragedies in her life.

As a young woman starting out in life, she lost her mother to sudden adult death syndrome (SADS). Some years later in September 2009, her sister, Lisa Doyle, was brutally strangled to death by her boyfriend, Gerard O’Hara, as she lay beside him in bed at their home in Leighlinbridge.

“I don’t tend to re-live that night, I don’t think about it. I’ve dealt with the vision of that as far as I can… As a family, we never go there. We never sit among each other and talk about Lisa’s last night. We talk about Lisa in the best way we can which is the memories we have of Lisa.

The joyful moments we had… we can’t rob those from us.”

The third major blow in Angela’s life came last year when she miscarried baby Isla Grace. Before the miscarriage, Angela and her husband were told the baby had Down’s Syndrome and a chromosomal defect.

“Life is fragile, you don’t have control over everything and it’s OK. I had to learn that the hard way.”

At the end of an emotional interview, Angela reveals she is expecting a baby.

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