Programme 9 – Nore Vision – The Future

The final programme in our Nore Vision Series, for the past 2 months we have been bringing you programmes about the Nore Vision project which is a Kilkenny Leader Partnership initiative. It’s all about creating community engagement with the River Nore with the ultimate aim of establishing a long term Trust that looks after the community’s interests in the river. This is the final programme in the series and it explores the future of the project as it transitions into the Nore Vision Catchment Trust. This programme features Declan Rice CEO Kilkenny Leader Partnership, Michael Starrett, Chair of the Nore Vision Catchment Trust, Minister Malcolm Noonan, Trish Murphy of hte Inishowen Rivers Trust, Mags Morrissey Co-Ordinator of Nore Vision Catchment Trust and Maurice Keane Secretary of the Trust. Funded by Kilkenny LEADER Partnership CLG through the Department of Rural and Community Development and the EU