The Historyman

The History Man has lots of stories and up till now has had nobody to listen to him. You are now his audience; hear him as he regales with stories from Kilkenny’s historical past.

Made with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the television license fee and sponsored by The Club House Hotel

Written and narrated by Donal Cadogan

  • The Abduction Club

    Men take huge liberties in coercing a woman to marry them in 1800s Kilkenny

  • Godwin Swift’s Aerial Chariot

    One of the Swift’s of Jenkinstown fancies himself as a aeronautical engineer

  • Achmet Borumborad

    A Kilkenny man masquerades as a Turk in late 1700s Dublin

  • Alice Kytler

    Four of her husbands have died and Alice Kytler keeps on getting richer. They declare her a witch

  • Kilkenny’s First All- Ireland

    Kilkenny and Tipperary GAA rivalry goes way, way back!

  • Captain Lightfoot

    Kilkenny’s Highwayman – the original Captain Lightfoot

  • Fr Delahunty

    A nationalist priest, unwelcome by his bishop in his own hometown finds his purpose in an American Penitentiary

  • General Tom Thumb

    General Tom Thumb uses his stature to launch a fabulous career in entertainment

  • Mayor Blount

    Harsh penalties from a harsh mayor

  • The Big Chapel

    Fr Robert O’Keefe’s actions causes a split in the parish of Callan and brings his bishop and cardinal to court

  • Johnstown Plane Crash

    An empty plane falls from the sky in Johnstown Co Kilkenny

  • Martin O’Loughlin

    Did you ever wonder who built St John’s Church and why it has no steeple?

  • Philip Fitzgibbon

    In the mid 1700s a Kilkenny schoolteacher puts together an Irish dictionary; but it’s never published!

  • Bull Baiting

    A regrettable pastime is recalled in this story which deals with bulls, dogs and cruelty

  • Machine Wrecking Comes to Kilkenny

    Farm labourers were not happy with the arrival of machines that could do their work and took matters into their own hands to prevent their implementation in Kilkenny and elsewhere

  • William G Wills

    An account of the life and times of an eccentric Kilkenny artist and playwright

  • Kilkenny Beer Festival

    The Historyman recalls the days of the Kilkenny Beer Festival

  • Henry Hammond

    A Kilkenny blacksmith experiences the full power of the law in the aftermath of the 1798 rebellion

  • Henry Flood

    MP Henry Flood deals comprehensively and tragically with his electoral rival

  • Mabel Cahill

    Kilkenny lady, Mabel Cahill is the only Irish person to enter the International Tennis Hall of Fame

  • Jim Reeves

    Excitement in Kilkenny as American country music star Jim Reeves play in the Mayfair

  • Mary Holland’s Funeral

    Mary Holland, unassuming in life gains notoriety in death due to the ‘goings-on’ at her funeral

  • Dean Edmund Comerford

    In the 15th century Dean Edmund Comerford was a bit of a troublesome priest and a thorn in the side of the religious authorities.

  • Michael Byrne

    Kilkenny Fiddler Michael Byrne gets a job on the infamous HMS Bounty under the notorious Captain Bligh

  • Peter de Loughrey

    An account of the the man who made the key that sprung Eamon de Valera from Lincoln Jail during the Irish War of Independence

  • James Reid

    Kilkenny man James Reid gets a Medal of Honour for his bravery during the American Civil War

  • James Mason

    In the 1880s James Mason from Kilkenny was among the world’s best chess players

  • Nicholas Langton

    Nicholas Langton, from Kilkenny’s powerful merchant family is taken as a slave while working at sea but manages to escape after over 3 years of captivity

  • James O’Donnell

    Kilkenny’s James O’Donnell was a member of the first New Zealand All-Blacks team

  • William Shee

    In 1850’s Kilkenny there was a very aggressive election campaign – a priest got shot, voters were kidnapped on the way to the voting booth and in the end William Shee was elected

  • The Ladies of Llangollen

    Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby run away to Wales and live together happily much to the shock of their families and fascination of their friends

  • John Byrne

    A sad tale of Castlecomer man John Byrne, recipient of the Victoria Cross.

  • James Freney

    James Freney – A Kilkenny groomsman becomes a notorious highwayman

  • Hubert Butler

    Hubert Butler – Essayist and writer Hubert Butler uncovers uncomfortable truths that don’t go down well with the authorities

  • Jimmy Walker

    Jimmy Walker – The son of a Castlecomer man becomes Mayor of New York

  • Science Club

    Science Clubs – In the mid-1800s new discoveries were being made in the scientific arena which led to the establishment of Science Club for the sharing of learning  

  • Callan Summertime

    Callan Summertime – Callan refuses to fall into time with the rest of the county

  • Ballyragget Appartitions

    Ballyragget Apparitions – Our Lady appears in the Church in Ballyragget and causes a furore in the town

  • Daniel Axtell

    Daniel Axtell – Cromwell’s right-hand man causes pain and suffering in Kilkenny

  • Seamus Burke

    Seamus Burke – A Kilkenny man develops a magical trick he terms ‘ enterology’

  • Walsh The Slaver

    Walsh the Slaver – The Walsh family from Kilkenny move to France where they become privateers and get involved in the slave trade  

  • James Butler

    James Butler – A Kilkenny man establishes a very successful grocery chain in the US

  • Ellen Lacey

    Ellen Lacey – Ellen was born a woman in the mid-1800s but preferred to dress and live as a man

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