The Eclectic Light Programme

The Eclectic Light Programme – Interview – TooFools & BARQ (AKA Fringe 2016)

There’s always a great buzz when you hear new music and it’s even better to hear music from two great news bands making a name for themselves. The AKA Fringe Festival is hosting two of Ireland’s most talked about bands on Friday, August 5th…be there!

TooFools is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalists Steven McCann & Lorcán O’Dwyer. After years of playing together in various bands, noticing a telepathic musical connection; the duo finally decided it was time to collaborate. Combining a wealth of musical experience, TooFools have been working hard developing their own unique sound and a thrilling live performance. They are currently self-producing their music in their own studio.

BARQ are a high energy 4-piece, shoving groove into the belly of the rock-beast and creating agro-soul.
In March 2016 BARQ released their debut single “Gentle Kind of Lies” to critical acclaim and a surge of media attention. The track was picked up Spotify’s new music playlist in both the UK and Brazil, as well as being included on IASCA’s playirish USA, and two of Goldenplec’s Goldenstereo playlists.

I caught up with Steven McCann of TooFools and Jess Kavanagh of BARW to get a sense of what it’s like to be in the metaphorical eye of the storm.