The Eclectic Light Programme

The Eclectic Light Programme: Studio 2 Session – Dale Bolger (8/10/2016)

Dale Bolger is a Carlow native and has been writing and performing for some time now but has really stepped up his songwriting efforts in the past two years. Certainly you can hear the work he’s put in and he’s not finished yet by any means. We chat about his approach to songwriting, how songs come to him and how he gets them down. As is the case with younger musicians, his smartphone has replaced his notebook but the craft of songwriting remains the same, paring away until he has a song that he is happy with himself. He’s working the whole time and it won’t be long until he gets in to the studio to produce the songs the way he’s heard them. In the Studio 2 format we hear the quality that’s apparent in his songwriting and we wish him well but won’t be surprised to hear more very soon.

He plays regularly around Carlow and you can keep up with Dale and his music via his Facebook page