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Eight-year-old Brianna Phelan from Kilkenny has received a date for her scoliosis surgery

Her mother Triona shared the good news online today (Friday)

A Kilkenny family are over the moon as eight-year-old Brianna Phelan has got a date for her scoliosis surgery.

Brianna, from the Johnswell Road area, had been on the waiting list for 3 years. Earlier this month, she was one of three children whose surgeries had been cancelled at Temple Street Hospital due to the complex nature of the procedure and the ongoing pressure on the health system.

Her mother, Triona, shared the great news on social media today that she has received a date for the surgery. Speaking with KCLR News, Triona said she was not expecting to get a date that quickly, but they are “ecstatic.” According to Triona, the surgery will allow Brianna to regain some independence.

You can listen back to Brianna’s full story here. She joined Matt O’Keeffe on KCLR Live earlier in the month.

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