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“Fianna Fáil’s messaging is totally wrong” claims Carlow Kilkenny TD and party member

Deputy Jennifer Murnane O'Connor says she's written to party leader Michael Martin, following controversy over their vote not to pay student nurses

A local Fianna Fáil TD has criticised her party, saying their “messaging is totally wrong.”

Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Greens have all come under fire this week for voting against an opposition motion to pay student nurses.

However, Deputy Jennifer Murnane O’Connor says the implications of that vote have been miscommunicated to the public, and she’s written to her party leader Michael Martin about the issue.

She insists that the government is still looking into compensating student nurses;

“I believe there’s a problem with communications, I would have wrote to the Taoiseach again yesterday because I believe our messaging is totally wrong” she told The Saturday Show on KCLR.

She claims the party now need to better communicate what they’re doing to help the nurses, explaining that; “Even just yesterday, the Taoiseach announced that there is going to be a review done, it’ll be finished by the end of December. The government have also agreed, at the request of the INMO, to do an initial assessment of student placement for student nurses and midwives.”