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Folk/Roots: Interview – Kate Rusby (18/10/2016)

I’ve been a fan of Kate Rusby’s music for many years and she remains a firm favourite on my playlists so it was a particular pleasure to have a chat with her about her new album. Like many great folk artists, people have tended to pigeonhole her art but this is unfair. Like many great folk artists hers is a fine mix of the traditional songs she heard growing up and a wide variety of other music. She has also written many fine songs of her own and this new album “Life In A Paper Boat”, her 14th album is a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary folk. There’s a slightly darker edge to it also and features more electronic and electric instruments and this is handled with great subtlety by Kate and her producer, Damien O’Kane. As you’d expect, Kate’s voice is the pure river that runs through this gorgeous soundscape and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ebb and flow of the songs.

Like I say, I’m a fan..

We chat about her work and the approach she’s taken to her latest work and we feature three songs from the album.

Kate is on tour in Ireland and you can fine out more information here

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