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Genocide of Rohingyan people to remembered in Carlow at event today

Members of the Rohingya community who have been killed, attacked and displaced will be remembered in Carlow today.

A day of events has been planned for International Rohingya Remembrance Day.

They’re marking two years since the genocide in Myanmar.

Carlow is home to a large Rohingyan community who were resettled in the county 10 years ago.

St Leo’s Transition Year student, Rasna, was born in a refugee camp.

She’s told KCLR she’s very grateful to be in Ireland:

“I honestly don’t know why we were the ones chosen, but I’m thankful to every single person that was involved in this organisation, that we were chosen.

“As far as I hear with my parents talking about their problems, aren’t we so lucky to have come to this country with all the help we need?

“My mam was [very sick in the refugee camp]; she needed these treatments that she’s getting in Ireland.

“And now she is well.”