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Hard water in South Kilkenny is causing ruin to household appliances

Cllr Michael Doyle says the supply is "totally undrinkable" unless it's boiled

A new water supply in South Kilkenny is “totally undrinkable” according to one local councillor.

Irish Water‘s source serving Inistioge, the Rower and Thomastown is drawing many complaints from local residents due to┬áconcerns over the high amount of lime in their water supply.

September’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council this week heard that many households are buying bulk amounts of bottled water, while others are destroying kettles by boiling the hard water so it’s safe to drink.

Cllr Michael Doyle says the issue has caused huge damage to some household appliances:

Irish Water have invested millions in a new water source in the Thomastown area, which now supplies the Rower and Inistioge, but unfortunately that water is a hard water type. It’s really full of lime which is detrimental to appliances in the area. I’ve had a huge amount of people contacting me in relation to it- kettles breaking down, and dishwashers. All your usual appliances.”

Cllr Doyle received unanimous support at the same meeting on his motion to write to Irish Water, calling for them to address the issue.

The Fine Gael councillor believes the company should offer more guidance to locals on their supply:

“It’s disappointing after such a huge investment from Irish Water. I just put in the motion looking at least for Irish Water to write to the customers and let them know what options they have that might help improve the quality of the water, and might take out the lime as well. A lot of people might not know that the lime’s as bad as it is in the water, and it’s going to have an effect on appliances down the line.”

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