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Health expert claims there’s no definitive evidence that Covid virus survives on clothing

Professor Anthony Staines says boiling school uniforms isn't necessary

There’s no real evidence that boiling children’s clothes is necessary in the fight against Covid-19, according to a leading health expert.

Parents locally had expressed concern that, with young people going back to school, it may be essential to go to certain lengths each day to ensure their clothing wasn’t carrying the virus home.

Speaking on KCLR Live earlier, Professor of Health Systems at DCU, Anthony Staines, had this advice:

“This is an infectious virus, but it’s not that infectious, and there’s not a great deal of evidence that boiling every child in the country’s clothes every day will make any difference. The virus itself doesn’t last for any great amount of time on natural fabrics, like cotton or linen. It’s been less studied how it survives on polyester, but it certainly seems to survive on fabrics for shorter periods of time than it does on hard surfaces, say metal or plastic surfaces.”


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