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IT Carlow says claims made by TD about rise in STI’s on campus are completely false

The head of student services at IT Carlow says a claim that STI’s are on the rise in the college doesn’t correlate with the information they have whatsoever.

Rosemary Flynn responded this morning to Stephen Donnelly’s claims that there had been an increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections on the campus.

She says it’s simply not true.

Speaking to KCLR today, she says she rang the Fianna Fáil TD’s office herself about it yesterday:

“I personally contacted Deputy Donnelly’s office yesterday, and I spoke to one of his colleagues. And I queried how they could make such a claim and where they could have got such information from.

“What I was told was that they had received some information from a person claiming to be a health professional.

“When I challenged them on this, they admitted that they hadn’t actually verified the source at all, so they have no idea about the bona fide of the person that gave them this information.”