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IT Carlow students will today learn how to build a resilient brain

Its part of a campaign to lift their spirits

Students at IT Carlow can join a session with a ‘neuro coach’ later as part of a campaign to lift their spirits.

The local Students’ Union has joined forces with the institute to help students during the country’s third lockdown.

Neuro Educational Coach Paddy Moran is running free workshops on Building a Resilient Brain today and Thursday from midday.

The workshop is designed to show participants how to reduce negative emotions and develop strategies to increase motivation, concentration and productivity.

Head of Student Services Rosemary Flynn explains why they’re doing this, telling KCLR News “We’ve a lot of support initiatives in place for our students but we’re really wanted to focus on I suppose positive mental health and as part of this week’s initiatives we have a neuro coach coming on board and the neuro coach, Paddy Moran, is going to do two workshops for students so it’s really all around building a resilient brain and, as you probably know, resilience is our ability to bounce back from different life experiences”.

She adds “Resilience I suppose in a person it’s how our brain or how well our brain handles stress and according to Paddy Moran, the Neuro Coach, the good news is that resilience can be learned so what we hope to do by running the workshops is really help our students to learn how to build resilience within themselves and within their brain”.

There’s also online quizzes and giveaway and a movie night as part of the Lift your Spirits campaign as Rosemary outlines “We’re doing a campaign this week it’s called Lift Your Spirits and it’s been run by IT Carlow in collaboration with the IT Carlow Students Union and I suppose it’s just one of a number of a wide variety of ongoing initiatives that we’re undertaking to support IT Carlow students in this third lockdown”.

Meanwhile, here’s a video the students put together recently:

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