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KCLR Live: Martina Hehir About An Exotic Bird That Has Made Itself At Home In Her Kitchen

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This is a story about a friendly exotic bird who made itself at home beside the radio in the kitchen of a Loughboy family.

The bird landed in Martina Hehir’s yard on Sunday morning and after her 22-year-old daughter fed it some seeds, the bird stayed until evening, and then flew off.

But it returned yesterday morning for breakfast and has been there since.

We’re hoping today that you can help us reunite this bird – which we believe is a red-crowned parakeet – with its own family, feathered or otherwise.

It has made itself at home in their kitchen when it perched and tweeted as it listened to the radio. It even had a snooze.

The bird is light green with some red on its head and a dark blue tail.