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KCLR Live: Mechaela Whelan Hickey, Daughter Of Catherine Hickey who died of Coronavirus

Catherine Hickey was a healthcare worker at St Luke's Hospital

On the show today, Eimear spoke to Mechaela Whelan Hickey, the daughter of Catherine Hickey.

Catherine was 51 years old when she died of Coronavirus, she was a healthcare worker at St Luke’s Hospital.

Her colleague Jim Kenny (49) died in mid-April.

Mechaela said “My mother was a hero who battled bravely to stop this virus spreading,” she said her mother was completely dedicated to stopping the advance of Covid-19 as she carried out cleaning duties at St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny.

Her mother ended up being treated for Covid-19 in the same hospital she had worked so hard to protect from the virus.

Listen back to the interview below