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Kilkenny Greenway will open later in 2022 than first expected

Some councillors say they're surprised by the revised opening date

South Kilkenny councillors have been told the Greenway there will be completed later than expected.

This week’s meeting of Piltown Municipal District heard that the amenity will be up and running by Summer 2022.

However, elected members say they were originally told it would be open much earlier that year.

Cllr Eamonn Aylward wants the greenway to open as soon as possible;

“Look it, initially it was Spring 2022, but I suppose it’s hard to put an exact timeline on these things. It’s a massive project, and the sooner it’s opened the better. Work has just completed on lifting sleepers on the railway track there, so the line is ready for construction. The detailed design is almost finished, so it’s progressing well.”

And Cllr Fidelis Doherty is concerned that a phased opening of the Greenway means it won’t be ready for full use for quite some time;

“I was led to believe it would open in the early part of 2022, but at the end of May you’re technically in the Summer. Maybe it will be open for 2022, because the construction starts in early spring next year, probably end of January early February. But it’s going to be done in different lots, and then it will be opened in different stages too, so it won’t be there in its entirety even when it is opened, it’s going to be in sections.”