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Kilkenny man critical of lack of committment for Sláintecare plan

Former General Secretary of INMO Liam Doran says political leadership is needed to get the plan going

A Kilkenny man on the Sláintecare Implementation Advisory Council says government is not providing the political leadership needed to get the plan going.

It follows the resignation of two senior officials involved in the long term healthcare plan over frustration with the lack of progress.

That plan aims to provide universal healthcare, free GP care and an end to private practice in public hospitals.

Liam Doran is the former head of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

He told Sue Nunn on KCLR that Sláintecare is not getting the commitment it needs from Government:

“There are still things that could have been done, that should have been done that have been parked. We haven’t been able to get the political leadership, the political will to date to initiate the kind of dynamism and dynamic, and determined consistent dynamic, that will bring about the change over a number of years”.

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