Kilkenny Mayor says keeping one-way traffic in city centre is a safety matter

The Mayor of Kilkenny says retaining a one way traffic system is mostly a safety issue.

There has been a backlash from some City traders after the vote by elected members of the KIlkenny Municipal District to not go back to two-way flow on High Street and Rose Inn St. (Hear what the traders had to say on KCLR Live on Monday here)

Fine Gael and Fianna Fail Councillors came up with a plan to keep the one-way but with changes including a proposal to look into reversing the flow of cars into an anti-closkwise direction.

Mayor David Fitzgerald has been defending that decision saying safety comes first:

“The right decision has been made because the core of this decision was about public safety. The engineers came to al Councillors and told all Councillors that the reintroduction of a two-way system was potentially dangerous and they made it very clear to us that if we reintroduced it that we were potentially putting public safety at risk”