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Kilkenny radio presenter in running for global RadioStar2020

The contest aims to find somebody worthy of broadcasting a showcase gig on United DJs

A Kilkenny radio presenter’s looking for help in securing a place in the top five of an international competition.

RadioStar 2020 aims to find a contestant worthy of broadcasting a showcase gig on United DJs, home to industry legends including Tony Prince, Mike Read and David ‘Kid’ Jenson.

He’s already come through a number of stages of the competition as he’s been telling us “It’s an interesting one really, I only entered it for a bit of fun just as a bit of Coronavirus distraction really, I had no idea that I’d make it into the top ten which was the first stage from over 5,000 entrants, I was chuffed at that to be quite honest with you and then we had a few challenges and I got into the top seven so that was another little step forward and so we’ve done another challenge for the top five so I don’t know, some fantastic contestants in it”.

Mark Collins started DJing in the 1980s working in both pirate then legalised stations on a local and national basis with a stint on Atlantic 252.

You can often find him here too on KCLR as he says “Since 2018 I’ve been delighted to do loads of work on KCLR, I’ve done lots of cover work, I’ve done all types of shows from Sunday evening covering for John Kinsella to covering for Eoin Carey & doing some sport stuff so I love radio & if somebody asks me to do something if I think I can do it I’ll do it”.

The contest is judged by industry representatives but 20% of the vote is from the public and you can do this via onaircoach.net or google radiostar2020.