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Kilkenny TD says we never learn lessons about treatment of vulnerable children after latest ‘Grace’ case revelations

Two interim reports from the Farrelly Investigation are expected to be published today

We never seem to learn the lessons about how vulnerable children are treated in Ireland.

The response of Sinn Féin spokesperson on Children and local TD Kathleen Funchion in light of the latest revelations in the ‘Grace’ case.

Systemic failings by the South Eastern health board are now being highlighted in a State Commission of Investigation into the case of the young woman who was placed in foster care in the region.

The Irish Examiner says two interim reports it has seen from the Farrelly Investigation identified specific failings by health workers who were charged with her care.

Both are expected to be published today (Friday).

The paper reports that the commission has found that between 1989 and 2009, the intellectually disabled woman was placed in the care of foster parents in the South East, who both had criminal convictions.

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Children Kathleen Funchion told KCLR she’s shocked that this could happen in modern Ireland:

“Sometimes I run out of words nearly when it comes to children and the treatment of children in this state, both in present time and then we look at the very dark history that we have in terms of Magdalene laundries, Mother & Baby homes, institutional schools and all the various abuse that came out over the years. It seems that we don’t ever seem to be able to learn any sort of a lesson”

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