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Kilkenny travel agent says EU Traffic Light System is ineffective

Marble City Travel's Tom Britton says he can't see much progress on flights this year.

The EU’s Traffic Light System doesn’t appear to be working, according to a local travel agent.

The European-wide regulations are supposed to instill confidence in travel during the pandemic.

But the guidelines are not appealing to all of the countries, many of which have their own rules.

Tom Britton of Marble City Travel says it doesn’t look like much is going to change this side of Christmas;

“Effectively what it means is that anybody trying to plan travel going forward yet again can’t plan that in the near-term, so I’d say between now and Christmas. By the time we get to Christmas then we’ll probably get another update, but at the moment with the traffic light system each country is doing their own thing, which is what the EU is trying not to have. They were trying to bring us all together, but as happened in March, and is now happening again, the Irish government are taking a different view and they’re driven by the scientists and the medical boffins” he told KCLR Breakfast.