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Kilkenny’s Regional Vet Lab to be demolished and rebuilt as multi-million euro ‘super-lab’

Kilkenny is not going to lose its Regional Vet Lab – in fact it’s emerged that the county will be getting a new ‘Super-Lab’.

It had been feared that the South East would loss out on access to the veterinary services as a part of a Department of Agriculture plan to revamp its network.

It’s emerged now that a new 33 million Euro investment will see new labs built in Kilkenny and Sligo while the Limerick site will be closed down.

Kilkenny IFA Chairman James Murphy says that farmers in Kilkenny, Carlow and across the South East will benefit hugely from this:

“[It will be a] new lab, Super-lab, a fully enhanced lab. They’ll be able to do better work, better diagnostics and farmers have shown – certainly in our own area here – that they’ve come to trust the lab in Kilkenny.

“There’s more and more farmers using the lab in Kilkenny. The South East area is a very intensive, highly productive farming area. So, it would be vital that we would have had a lab in the area.”