Minister hands over the keys to a new appliance for Kilkenny firefighters

Fire fighters in Kilkenny city are delighted with their new fire engine.

The keys tyo the new tender were hander over by Minister darragh O’Brien on his visit yesterday.

Station Officer Declan Lawlor explains what the new fire engine will be used for:

“It’s known as a Bravo. It’s not a water carrier. It’s for cutting equipment and goes to road traffic accidents and there’s a lot of lighting equipment on it aswell”

Sub-officer at Kilkenny City Fire Service Paul O’Sullivan says they’ve been waiting two years for this new tender and they will be putting it to very good use:

“Our last one was written off about 2 years ago and we’re waiting on this one for a while. It’s great for dealing with road traffic accidents, river rescues, chemical spills and all that type of thing”

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