New Daft survey shows house prices in Carlow up 12% and Kilkenny up 8%

A new report by Daft.ie shows some signs that house price inflation could ease for the rest of the year.

The property website reports that asking prices rose by 3.8% between April and June this year.

However, data from the past 12 months shows house prices have increased by 9.5%.

Locally, Kilkenny homes were 8% higher, but in Carlow the jump was by 12%.

The number of homes advertised for sale has increased from 10,000 to 12,400 in the past three months.

Economist at Trinity College Dublin and author of the Daft report, Ronan Lyons, says a mixture of increased supply and higher interest rates could cause house price inflation ease:

“Three months ago we conducted a survey and sked people what they expected the increase to be. The average increase over the next 12 months was just over 5% now its less than 1%.Thats the lowest in a few years. So it does suggest on the supply side that conditions are improving and on the demand side for a variety of reasons including increased interest rates it does look like demand is softening a bit”