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Numbers at South Kilkenny protest grow as the Beef Plan movement distances itself from the gathering

24 hour protests at meat processing plants look set to continue for now.

Numbers have grown at the protest in Grannagh which is no longer being run by the Beef Plan movement – local farmers are maintaining a presence there though.

A Carlow Kilkenny Fine Gael TD says he would have no problem supporting farmers in their demonstrations at local meat factories.

But Pat Deering says he thinks sitting down to find a solution is what’s really needed noting “I’ve supported protests in the past, I don’t have a particular problem about doing that, but generally speaking I believe in sitting around the table and finding a solution, you know it’s all very fine to protest and talk, but it’s about finding a solution as well, there’s frustrations and a lot of frustrations at the moment we could talk forever and ever but finding a solution and getting markets back open again, farmers need to sell cattle, there’s frustrations in that regard, they need money”.

The Agriculture Minister has called for both sides to attend talks but has stopped short of stepping in.

Enda Fingleton of the Beef Plan Movement says it beggars belief that the Government are not intervening. He says “The Minister said that he couldn’t intervene in the price of cattle, at no time did the Beef Plan movement call for the Minister to intervene on the price of cattle, that’s been put out there by the factories, we haven’t requested that he intervene on the price issue. What we’re looking for is legislation to protect farmers from the factories & the retailers”.